Sunday, November 17, 2013

A trip to Everything & More!


Hey, Rhonda Rice here!  Today I went shopping at Everything & More, the newest and most fashionable department store.  Did I mention that everything there is SUPER cheap?  Men are so lucky!  They have all the latest fashions.  Plaid pants, fluorescent shorts, cute undies and more! 
Aren't they gorgeous?

I purchased everything in the above list and I also bought a present for my sister Shiree.  She hasn't been too happy with me lately because I borrowed her lucky teacup and dropped it!  So I got her a new cup, it's purple and has green stripes on it. 
I got it gift wrapped and sent it to her in the mail.  I hope she gets it because once I bought a lovely tea cosy online and it got lost at the post office for three months!!!!  Someone had opened it and taken my lovely tea cosy out and kept it!  So, I ended up getting an empty box.  Some people are so rude.  Anyway...

Empty boxes are SO disappointing!
See ya later!

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