Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Santa Letters

Hey, Rhonda here.  I know, I haven't written a blog for ages.  It's because my family and I have been very busy with Christmas things.  You know, decorating the house, tree and ourselves!  Well, this is what I did today.

 We decorated the tree!

Moldy, Soggy and I wrote our Santa letters.  Sandra, Shiree, Rhonda Seed and Rhonda Noodle say that they're too old for that kinda thing.  I'm older than the other Rhonda's by 4 minutes anyway.  You gotta have some fun sometimes, even if you're really old!  My letter went something like this:
Dear Santa,

I want a pair of orange socks that have donkeys on them.
Can I also have a bottle of soda water too?
Love from Rhonda Rice
Shiree is so offending.  She said that my letter was dumb, stupid and babyish.  She kept going on and on about me acting like a 5 year old.  At that point I switched off and left her ranting in the lounge while I went shopping at Everything and More again!  Gotta love me!
Speaking of shopping, I bought a present for my daddy at On the Cuff.  Luckily they were having a 20% off sale so I could get lots!  I got Mummy Rice a nice tea towel at Everything and More.  It's green with pink polka dots.  Everything is wrapped up and under the heavily decorated tree.
 Daddy Rice's Christmas present!
I can't wait for Christmas.  Bye for now!  

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Rhonda Room

Hey, Rhonda here!  I'm totally bored so I think I will tell you all about my Rhonda Room.  My room is quite large compared to Shiree's, which is about the size of a cupboard.  I got the big one because Mummy Rice didn't think that all my furniture would fit in the cupboard! 
 My Rhonda Room.
Last Christmas Mummy and Daddy Rice bought me some jungle wallpaper, but there wasn't enough, so I had to make do with half jungle and half daisies.  I coped.  The carpet is dark brown which matches the wallpaper nicely.  My wardrobe is green with army print on it because we started painting it light green.  We ran out of paint so there is bits of dark green peeking out in the corners.  Hanging in my wardrobe is my favourite outfit.  My chess club uniform!  My hamburger hat sits proudly in the bottom of my cupboard where no one will ever find it.  I don't recommend opening the wardrobe because I hide all my family's Christmas presents on the highest shelf.  If you're reading this Shiree, KEEP OUT!
Can you see my Chess Club gear?
I have a lovely brown sofa that I collected at a jumble sale last month.  It has a few holes but that's perfect for my jungle theme.  I love my bed.  It's the size of an elephant and looks like one too!  At night I climb up the tail and sleep in the elephant's stomach.  In the morning I slide down the elephant's trunk and usually get stuck.
Inside the Elephant's stomach.
In my bed I have my lovely piece of floral shag pile carpet that I found in an inorganic collection when I was three.  It's my very special cuddle blanket.  My duvet is mustard coloured with purple spots on it and my pillow matches as it is bright blue with green umbrellas on it.  That reminds me that I have my collection of umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.  I can't walk in high heels otherwise I bump my head.  Next to my bed I have my newts enclosure and my potato lamp. 
My gorgeous room!
Oh dear, Mummy Rice is calling me to go shopping for a new cook book since the last one mysteriously ended up in the toilet.  I promise I won't tell on you Soggy!
Bye for now!     

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A trip to Everything & More!


Hey, Rhonda Rice here!  Today I went shopping at Everything & More, the newest and most fashionable department store.  Did I mention that everything there is SUPER cheap?  Men are so lucky!  They have all the latest fashions.  Plaid pants, fluorescent shorts, cute undies and more! 
Aren't they gorgeous?

I purchased everything in the above list and I also bought a present for my sister Shiree.  She hasn't been too happy with me lately because I borrowed her lucky teacup and dropped it!  So I got her a new cup, it's purple and has green stripes on it. 
I got it gift wrapped and sent it to her in the mail.  I hope she gets it because once I bought a lovely tea cosy online and it got lost at the post office for three months!!!!  Someone had opened it and taken my lovely tea cosy out and kept it!  So, I ended up getting an empty box.  Some people are so rude.  Anyway...

Empty boxes are SO disappointing!
See ya later!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hey, I'm Rhonda.  You know R-H-O-N-D-A?  Well, I thought this morning that I might start a blog.  I didn't quite get around to doing it until later because I went to the zoo!  This is what happened.


Today I visited the zoo to see my sister Sandra.  She wasn't too pleased to see me.  It might have been my outfit.  Anyway, I really loved the siamangs.  They remind me of me and my morning routine.  I had a long conversation with them.  When you talk to siamangs, you gotta use siamang language.  I must have looked a bit of a dork.  But, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!  Moving on...  over all it was a fab day!  I'll try to write more of my adventures tomorrow but I might be too busy being dorky.  (I ALWAYS am!)

Bye for now!!!! 
This is a siamang!