Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Santa Letters

Hey, Rhonda here.  I know, I haven't written a blog for ages.  It's because my family and I have been very busy with Christmas things.  You know, decorating the house, tree and ourselves!  Well, this is what I did today.

 We decorated the tree!

Moldy, Soggy and I wrote our Santa letters.  Sandra, Shiree, Rhonda Seed and Rhonda Noodle say that they're too old for that kinda thing.  I'm older than the other Rhonda's by 4 minutes anyway.  You gotta have some fun sometimes, even if you're really old!  My letter went something like this:
Dear Santa,

I want a pair of orange socks that have donkeys on them.
Can I also have a bottle of soda water too?
Love from Rhonda Rice
Shiree is so offending.  She said that my letter was dumb, stupid and babyish.  She kept going on and on about me acting like a 5 year old.  At that point I switched off and left her ranting in the lounge while I went shopping at Everything and More again!  Gotta love me!
Speaking of shopping, I bought a present for my daddy at On the Cuff.  Luckily they were having a 20% off sale so I could get lots!  I got Mummy Rice a nice tea towel at Everything and More.  It's green with pink polka dots.  Everything is wrapped up and under the heavily decorated tree.
 Daddy Rice's Christmas present!
I can't wait for Christmas.  Bye for now!  

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